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Occasional Contributor Dbs
Occasional Contributor

Fast forward / +10 second button

This really needs a way to scroll the action forward. I don't want to wait while players are injured or time wasting. There is only 70ish minutes of action in the 90.

The scroll bar is completely useless for accurate or small adjustments. Foxtel had a fast forward function and I used it all the time. I know a lot of viewers who did. I think the lack of one shows Optus does not really understand the sport, the fans or it's product.

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New Contributor Gmillsy
New Contributor

Re: Fast forward / +10 second button

Great Idea.

I am going to start a FEATURES / UPGRADES Thread.

Would love it if you could post this in there 🙂

Contributor England1

Re: Fast forward / +10 second button

Yep - basic funtionality of viewable FFWD / RWD  is still missing - why ?

Contributor robmGC

Re: Fast forward / +10 second button

When you start the thread please put the link to it back in to this thread. Thanks 🙂

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