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EPL should have mini matches

I think the EPL should have the mini matches just like the world cup mini matches (around 20-30 minutes). 3 minutes high-light is just not enough, and the full match is just too long, mini matches will be perfect. Should have high-light, mini matches and full matches for people to choose.

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Occasional Contributor

Re: EPL should have mini matches

I just asked the same question. The Mini Matches are perfect for watching on my commute and would love to see them rolled out for EPL too!

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Re: EPL should have mini matches

Hey @007R007 and @charliet100 - thanks for reaching out and for the feedback.


Personally, I love the mini-matches as I don't always have time to watch a full replay, but I definitely agree that we should have multiple options to choose from.


I'll make sure to pass your feedback on to our Content team. Thanks again!



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