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EPL On Demand Games (some game spoilers)



I understand you only offer limited on demand games for the EPL and that you prioritise the games that aren't on demand for the live replays. Firstly, I don't know who is selecting on-demand games but whomever it is needs to maybe take an interest in the sport and have a sense of occasion. For example this round (19) I can watch Southampton vs Huddersfield play out a 1-1 draw live, then catch 4 replays and watch it countless times on demand. But Tottenham vs Burnley is available live, then replayed twice on optus 1 and NOT on demand. In this game Harry Kane created history equalling Alan Shearers 24? year old record. But no one wants to see that hey? Least of all the people picking the game who probably aren't aware of either of the players I've mentioned. If I could ask that Spurs vs Southampton is available on demand or if its not have more than two replays so that if further history is created (there are multiple individual goal scoring records that could be broken) people might have appropriate access to it.


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