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Why being different can boost customer loyalty, advocacy and growth

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How do I become more important to my customers?


This is an age-old question. But one which has perhaps never been more important or difficult to answer – set against a backdrop of large and small businesses competing for market share, and multiple communication platforms where brands are all vying to be heard.


It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.


In response, the savviest businesses regularly review their product offerings, explore new revenue opportunities, and identify where they can expand their services to become more important to their customers. Essentially, diversifying their product and services portfolio to boost relevance to customers.


I want to propose a new opportunity to help brands diversify their offerings and positively set themselves apart from the competition:


Selling your own mobile offering


It’s an offering we’re increasingly seeing brands adopt in other parts of the world, and from conversations it’s something many want to do in Australia as they strive to better understand and meet the needs of their customers.


To satisfy this growing demand, Optus Wholesale recently introduced our new white label mobile capability. This end-to-end solution includes eCommerce, billing and customer care service to provide a full mobile offering for businesses. 


Through this white label capability businesses are empowered to capture new data insights that allow them to better understand their customers. This translates to superior services specifically targeted to customers, ultimately improving the user experience and customer loyalty to your brand.


In addition to enabling the mobile functionality within your business and the associated data analytics, businesses will also be able to tap into Optus Wholesales’ vast experience of the MVNO market. We will provide partners with expert advice on commercial strategies, marketing formulation and regulation compliance, so companies can go to market without delays.  


Customers demanding more than just price


A great example of an organisation building its own mobile offering is Catch Group.


Catch Group were looking to create differentiated propositions that appealed to their savvy customers and identified low-cost mobile plans as a way to do this. Using Optus’ white label solution, the e-commerce company delivered its own mobile brand Catch Connect.


To date, Catch Connect has attracted attention from the market with some of the best value mobile plans offering unlimited calls, SMS and generous data allowances.


MVNO as a service


At Optus we pride ourselves on being leaders in the multi-brand strategy space. We’ve successfully run our business for many years by not limiting ourselves to the core services, many associate with our brand and that experience is passed onto our partners.


We recognised the need to diversify the traditional MVNO model and we feel our new white label solution will allow our partners to match the pace and scale of this existing wholesale market.    


Find out more about how Optus Wholesale mobile solutions can support your business

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