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Mitigating risks and minimising the disruption of copper services disconnection

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nbnTM estimates there are approximately 200,000 network services for business and enterprises (classified as Special Services) located across Australia, some of which will need to migrate to the nbn™ or an alternate access network very soon.  An exemption from disconnection for some types of Special Services ends on 12 November 2018.


Special services are business telco products delivered on copper that are more complex than consumer basic landline phone or internet services.  In certain locations, Special Service copper disconnections will commence from November 2018.


Migration is not an automatic process and can take up to 6 months.  If no action is taken, impacted Special Services will be disconnected.  To avoid disruption to your customers and their businesses, you will need to transfer your legacy copper based services to an alternate access network such as nbnTM.



How Copper Disconnection Works



Copper services for an address are physically disconnected around 18 months after an nbn™ Fixed Serving Area (FSA) is constructed and becomes serviceable by the nbnTM, unless the service is exempted.


The majority of services disconnected to date have been residential grade. However, any business services using a copper technology not classified as a Special Service may also have been disconnected. This changes from November 2018 onwards, as the disconnection exemption for some categories of Special Services is being removed.


The Planned Special Service Disconnection Exemption End Date denotes the date the special service disconnection exemption expires for the service. All services without a special service exemption are disconnected 18 months after the service’s address is serviceable for nbnTM FTTP, FTTB or FTTN. Disconnection dates vary and not all special services will be disconnected. A site is generally disconnected on the planned Special Services Disconnection Exemption End Date, or when the ready for service window closes for the site, whichever is later. Whilst the special service disconnection exemption ends on the specified dates, special services will only be disconnected if the address is serviceable for nbnTMFTTP, FTTB or FTTN.



Mitigate risks.  Act now if your end customers service is affected. 


  • Migrating a Special Service is not automatic: If end customers are affected, they will need to arrange new connectivity before their disconnection date or risk losing access to critical telco services.

  • It could take up to 6 months to migrate Special Services: Migrating business services is often more complex and requires greater planning from end users and service providers. It’s not just an activity by nbnTM.

  • Act now: If your Special Services are scheduled for disconnection, we recommend you switch to the nbn™ access network as soon as it becomes possible to do so. nbnTM do not currently have an in-train order process for orders in the queue but not delivered prior to the first initial catch-up disconnection date for Special Services (unlike residential copper services), so it is critical that you migrate services prior to the disconnection date.

Enterprise nbnTM Access


Below are examples of Special Services that are currently on copper.  You can migrate to nbnTM utilising the Optus Wholesale Suite of Evolve Enterprise products where available:


Talk to your Account Manager about Ethernet over NBN (EoNBN) via the Optus Evolve Suite to minimise disruption to services for your customers.



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