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Leo helps Optus make light work of growing NBN orders

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The number of premises connecting to the National Broadband Network (nbn™) is expected to double within the next two years. Staring at a sharp increase in new orders, Optus Wholesale knew it needed a new approach.


That’s why we’re glad to introduce a new member of the team. Meet Leo – a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool set. This smart new technology captures and interprets existing application data to process transactions, trigger responses and communicate with other digital systems.


Leo completes automated tasks ranging from order entry, processing and provisioning to order completion, billing and scheduled reporting. It’s able to help pinpoint process improvements and troubleshoot data errors on the fly.


Leo has allowed Optus Wholesale employees to refine order processing, ensuring customers are given accurate and timely information so there are no surprises along the way. Not only does this improve the customer experience, but it enables the role of front-line staff to focus on higher value activities for our customers.


Leo is a great example of how your business can automate everyday manual processing, maximise efficiency and deliver better customer experience improvements in short time frames. This gives you more time to focus on what really matters, building relationships with customers.


Better yet, while organisations progress through three-to-five-year transformation projects focused on replacing core platforms, Leo provides the agility to quickly unlock many of the same benefits in much shorter time periods whilst complementing the overall transformation.


How customers benefit


To date, Leo has processed more than 37,000 transactions, with 25,000 transactions on the Residential Broadband over NBN (RBBoNBN) Initiative.


Leo has increased processing efficiency and productivity, reducing errors and operational costs while improving customer experiences. Its reduced new order processing times for nbn™ orders from 15 minutes to five. For a service provider, this is a big improvement on the previous process of qualifying and creating orders manually.


The business benefits are very clear. Leo has been so successful in improving the order processing for nbn™ orders that it’s now being extended to other parts of the business. Leo is now live with fixed enterprise order automation, helping the Optus Wholesale team process enterprise grade orders and improve delivery times to service providers. This will result in further service delivery improvements for Optus customers.   


Making lives easier


And it doesn’t stop there. Leo is also helping front-line staff take a lead in driving service innovation. By upskilling and learning to manage the automation process, these teams have quickly come to see the benefits of automation. By freeing them from frustrating and mundane processes, they can now spend more time focused on higher value activities that deliver real customer value.


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