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Giving your customers more choice in their broadband service

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A good customer experience today is as much about the service and level of choice you deliver as it is about the product and price. Ultimately, it is the convenience of this service that will win you business.


Customers want to be up and running as quickly as possible. Not everyone wants lock in contracts, such as those living in shared houses. And they want data packages aligned to their individual needs – whether that’s to run a home office or simply stream TV and music.


At the same time, the sheer size of Australia means the level of connectivity can differ across the nation depending on how close customers are to the grid. Better Internet for Rural, Regional & Remote (BIRRR) highlighted 91 per cent of Australians still say the #datadrought is not over.  The nbn™ rollout will address this challenge but we are still three years away from the project’s completion.


So, what can we – service providers – do to provide Australians with more choice when it comes to selecting a broadband package best suited to their needs and ensure those that live in remote and rural areas receive the same connectivity as those in urban areas?


Plug-in and Go


The answer, which is made possible by the capabilities of Optus’ 4G network, is home wireless broadband options.


In recent years, mobile broadband has been enabled by WiFi dongles or smartphones being turned into hotspots. However, these solutions are costly and inconvenient. Home wireless broadband options give service providers the opportunity to target unreached audiences who would not sign up for “fixed line” broadband, but require the network speed.


These plug-in and go solutions allow customers to connect to the Internet in just a few minutes and only require a SIM card. The added benefit is they remove the need for engineers, landlines or lengthy rolling contracts.


These abilities give customers the convenience they are increasingly demanding. Making Home Wireless Broadband the perfect option for students, people living in shared houses, home workers, and those living in regional Australia.


At Optus, we’re committed to empowering our service provider partners with the ability to deliver this convenience through Optus Home Wireless Broadband. Our Home Wireless Broadband router when connected to the Optus 4G Plus Network - which reaches more than 96.4* per cent of the population – offers speeds comparable to some fixed broadband services – up to 12Mbs where 2300MHz is available. 


This is complimented by our recent announcement to invest $1 billion to expand our mobile network in regional Australia, which makes broadband even more accessible for everyone.


Customers can take advantage of generous data inclusions of up to 250GB per month too.


To find more our more about Home Wireless Broadband and to learn how it can benefit your customers, get in touch with your Optus Wholesale Acount Manager or visit Optus Wholesale.



*Information accurate at July 2017