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Four reasons to become nbn ready for business customers

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nbnTM is a change toward ubiquity and a level playing field. In fact, the  nbn progress report shows over 6 million premises nationwide are now primed and ready for the service.


Every business is unique and needs a unique data and communication solution to operate effectively and remain competitive. And irrespective of what new technologies emerge – most will inevitably rely on the nbnTM. This means service providers need to ask themselves if they are truly nbnTM ready,  particularly for their business and enterprise customers.


Face the NBN reality


The nbnTM is not a siloed offering that can be ignored, as it’s eventually going to replace the existing business network solutions delivered using copper in most areas, except where Fixed Wireless and Satellite are being deployed. nbnTM has defined Fixed Service Areas (FSAs), similar to suburbs, to receive nbnTM and they all have different ready-for-service dates. 18 months and 30 days after the nbnTM is rolled out in each FSA existing residential copper grade services will be terminated – eliminating their availability to all current users.


While some business services are currently exempt from disconnection (depending on the technology used, they will have a “special services” exemption), these exemptions begin to expire in November 2018.

More information on this can be found here


As a result, the need for businesses served today by copper to connect to the nbnTM is inescapable. The disconnection timeframe are quite rigid and the chances of an extension limited. Thus, it is important for service providers (SPs) in nbnTM serviceable areas to start implementing plans for the migration of services now to avoid any last-minute panic.


Provide business-grade connectivity


Business networks are moving to the cloud and require business-grade connectivity to access these applications.

The copper services that have been classified as Special Services and exempt from disconnection now, will only continue temporarily. If these services exist in areas where the nbnTM has already been in place for 18 months, once they are deemed non-exempt they will be subject to disconnection. SPs need to understand the limited lifespan of copper-based business services and update their product roadmaps now to ensure their business solutions will be nbnTM compatible.


Becoming NBN ready takes time


Preparation to migrate existing business customers to the nbnTM is a highly complex and lengthy process. There’s a lot of complexity in the nbnTM multi-technology mix, it is not just nbnTM but Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) and Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) for example, which all have their own intricacies. Additionally there are multiple variants of traffic availability/priority (Traffic Class 1 for voice, Traffic Class 2 for business, and Traffic Class 4 for residential/best efforts).  At Optus Wholesale, we have productised nbnTM access on FTTN, FTTP and FTTB for our Evolve suite, meaning we can offer customers a number of solutions to meet their needs and make it simple.

When providing business services, SPs are bound by certain service level agreements as business customers are more sensitive to interruption. In order to provide enterprise and SMB customers with smooth transitions to the nbnTM SPs need time to equip them to execute a managed and planned migration process.


Maintain and grow your customer base


If you are an existing SP with a base of business customers on copper you need to be prepared to migrate these customers to the nbnTM otherwise you will risk losing this base. Other SPs are actively marketing to any and all potential customers in their FSAs in the hope of winning their business.


Give your customers confidence that you understand this significant shift in Australia’s technology landscape, and help position them for the future by moving them onto the nbnTM as soon as possible.


The time to act is now. Stop business as usual and ask yourself if you really are nbnTM ready.


Optus Wholesale encourages SPs to embrace the opportunity of becoming an early nbnTM adopter in the business and enterprise market, utilizing our nbnTM-ready product suite supporting a range of customer needs.  Ethernet over NBN (EoNBN) access is enabled on: Evolve EWAN, Evolve Internet, Evolve IPVPN and Evolve Voice

By Andrew Stojcevski

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