Fixed or wireless – the best solution for your customer

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3rd Apr 2018, 5:29pm

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, offering convenience to customers and delivering products or services to meet their needs is what will ultimately win your business.


A growing number of households are now looking for a sustainable home connection to run a home office or stream TV and music. Recent research from Venture Insights found that consumers are increasingly being attracted to wireless broadband services in place of fixed connections.


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Although fixed line still dominates the market with 85 per cent of Australians relying on

fibre nodes for their web surfing pleasures, it was found that 30 per cent of households surveyed would consider making the switch to wireless services.  


With both sides of the argument staking their claim to be the better value and superior option, as services providers you should be equipped with both offerings to your arsenal in order to meet the needs of your end customer. 


Furthermore, with the introduction of the 5G network coming soon to Australian soil, the benefits of wireless solutions will continue to advance. NBN Co chair Dr Ziggy Switkowski commented last year that wireless will be the legitimate alternative to fixed by the 2020’s, earlier than had been previously assumed.


Many telcos have already pursued this road and products such as Optus’s Home Wireless Broadband (HWBB) are ready to offer consumers an alternative choice in their broadband service.


It’s also apparent that many consumers aren’t aware of how much data they consume with their fixed line services. Venture Insight research found that 50 per cent of fixed users estimated their monthly data usage under 200GB. This represents a key portion of the market that would be perfectly catered to with a wireless solution. It also highlights a key opportunity for Service Providers to create awareness about Home Wireless Broadband


Find out more about Home Wireless Broadband and learn how it can benefit your customers.



Source: Communications Day – Issue 5552 – 7 February 2018


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