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Ensuring network excellence

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Ensuring Network Excellence


Australian businesses need faster networks and seamless connectivity. We hear you. As a service provider, we must deliver experiences tailored to personal and professional lives.


To ensure we’re always matching evolving expectations, Optus has invested heavily in its network, most notably the $1 billion venture to improve mobile coverage across regional Australia.


Further to this commitment, we’ve achieved several key milestones, including the roll out of 4.5G at Macquarie Park and a world-first trial of 3CC CA Massive MIMO technologies in 2017.


It goes without saying the announcement we’ve been ranked best overall in voice and data nationally in the 2017 P3 Connect Mobile Benchmark Australian test is testament to our commitment to delivering greater service and coverage excellence.


We’re proud to be recognised as “Best in Test” in the P3 Connect Mobile Benchmark Australia in voice and data nationally, delivering a reliable network to people’s lives and place of work. This consistent delivery is further enhanced by the fact that here at Optus Wholesale we don’t differentiate our network offering. Your customers can benefit from the same coverage, speed, capacity and capability as our direct retail customers, delivering to you the same winning experience on our mobile network.


Building on the success


To stay ahead, we’re looking to the future. We’re investing in next-generation technology.


As the 5G network becomes commercially ready, mobile users can benefit from a significantly faster network, capable of supporting 15 times faster download speeds and support for advancements in technologies such as robotics and AI. This in turn will increase productivity; resulting in more time to concentrate on improving customer experiences.


In our quest to lead the Australian market in the development and deployment of 5G technologies we’re focussing on taking key evolutionary steps, while working with global partner Huawei, to ensure the correct foundations are in place for the 2019 commencement of 5G roll out with a fixed wireless product in key metro areas .


Being able to take advantage of our 5G capabilities in the future means:

  • Concepts like self-driving cars, smart offices and Artificial Intelligence will become a closer reality
  • You’ll experience faster internet speeds, in more remote locations
  • You’ll be able to stream super high-definition audio visual content with fewer delays (enough to download a movie in few seconds)

We’ve committed to showcasing our 5G developments at this year’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, where visitors will be able to experience what 5G will have to offer.


Understanding how 5G capabilities can assist you will help in finding new ways to simplify operations, delivering faster services with better efficiency and enhanced quality.


Independent benchmarks, global partnerships and new technologies on improving service and coverage prove our commitment to the Optus mobile network. Our future depends on it.

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