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Digital Transformation: redesigning customer service with RPA

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Mirza Sehic_2.pngDriven by changing consumer expectation and an influx of nbnTM orders, Service Providers are looking at digital transformation and automation to increase productivity and customer experience. 


Optus Spark discussed with Mirza Sehic – Associate Director, Customer Service on how to deliver game-changing experiences for customers and lead the service team through digital transformation.


Transforming to a service-focus mindset

Optus Wholesale became one of the first business units at Optus to adopt robotic process automation (RPA).


Redesigning the traditional operating model with RPA enabled Optus Wholesale to effectively manage an increasing number of nbnTM orders. It was a crucial strategic move allowing us to better support our customers in unlocking the full nbnTM potential.


Since adopting RPA we’ve developed 30 automated workflows, which have managed 150,000 transactions autonomously in the last 12 months. At an operational level RPA has reduced the time taken to process a nbnTM order by more than two-thirds.

As a result, employees are empowered to resolve queries in a timely manner by delivering a consistent, available and smooth experience. It means we have more time to focus on solving complex issues, which is where our customers need support most.


Fostering a new way of working


RPA represents an entirely new way of working at Optus Wholesale. This meant we needed a comprehensive deployment strategy.


A critical pillar was training and educating our workforce about the technology. To do this Optus Wholesale developed a new training program, with modules ranging from building soft skills through to enhancing technical capabilities. We also provided regular internal communications about how and why we chose RPA and the positive impact it will have on processes.


An ongoing focus in this strategy is ensuring the RPA technologies deployed are easy to use and intuitive. This user-centric approach enables employees to hit the ground running with RPA and accelerates the rate at which the positive benefits are achieved.


Our team members are now actively involved in configuring RPA programs, which further boosts their job satisfaction and engagement. The insights and expertise they bring from being on the front line of customer service helps tailor programs to relevant and immediate needs.


“Our Customer Service team is one of the most engaged team at Optus with 80% are satisfied with their jobs”


Sharing learnings with RPA


The positive results Optus Wholesale has achieved with RPA is testament to the positive impact the technology can have. With so many organisations starting this journey into a new era of customer service, we offer four recommendations based on our experiences:


  • Walk the Walk – Businesses must fully commit to this new way of working, encouraging adoption of the platforms, investing in the rights tools and training, and continually evolving programs to meet demand.
  • Training & Transparency – Employees will feel empowered by the changes if you explain why they are being made and discuss the positive impact it will have.
  • Focus on outcomes – Success should be defined by the experience and outcomes delivered.
  • Make sure it works – All solutions must undergo extensive testing before going live. They must also be backed up with stringent risk management programs.


RPA has the potential to dramatically improve business efficiency and enable superior customer service in a cost-efficient way. These abilities are critical for maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving economies. More information about the benefits enabled by RPA at Optus Wholesale can be found here. To learn how automation can fuel your future success, read this blog.

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