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Connecting Australia to Asia

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In today’s global and increasingly connected markets, telcos are vital partners to business. Companies – like Optus and Singtel – have moved up the value chain by providing the infrastructures that keep core operations and services running.


The valuable contribution made by the telco industry was on full display at May’s International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Chicago, which I had the privilege of attending on behalf of Optus.


2017 was a big year for ITW – one of the wholesale industry’s flagship global events. It was ITW’s 10th anniversary, which provided a great platform for the 7,000 delegates from 2,000 companies and 140 countries to look at how far our industry has come in the last decade, and ahead to the future.


My personal highlight was the opportunity to stay in touch with global emerging technology trends – particularly increasing demand from Over the Top (OTT) players for network capacity as they create more and more new-data rich applications. This demand is impacting the way communication providers deliver networks; I’ve seen a growing appetite for hyperscale network architecture to scale alongside demand driven.


Critical to delivering these visions will be intelligent, affordable, and responsive communication networks.


It’s another opportunity for communication providers to deliver yet more value and become strategic business partners allowing the networks to evolve rather than just cables and pipes.


This growing trend is one of the main drivers behind the significant network investments being made by Singtel/Optus creating a powerful ring of modern subsea cables between Australia, South East Asia and the US


Connecting Australian businesses to a global network


One way Optus – and Singtel – is boosting connectivity between Australian businesses and global markets is investing in the building of subsea cables. The systems provide lower latency and enhanced reliability to strengthen links and rapidly deliver data-rich content and services in a cost-effective way.


The most recent of these, which we discussed at ITW, is INDIGO – a new major high-capacity subsea cable out of Perth. INDIGO is due for completion by mid-2019, and will equip businesses with the bandwidth they need to satisfy demands for data-rich services and applications


Picture a super-connected highway beneath the sea, stretching 9000km from Australia to South East Asia. This is essentially what we’re building, and while it might be hidden beneath the ocean the value of INDIGO for business is enormous:


  • Faster Connectivity to Asia: INDIGO allows businesses to increase their speed of operations with South East Asia, opening up new and exciting business opportunities through faster speed of service, and expanded offerings.


  • A platform for growth in Western Australia: Based out of Perth, INDIGO will create jobs, and business opportunities for this flourishing community. The overall Australian economy will also benefit as a by-product of businesses increasingly investing, expanding, and launching in our market.


  • Infrastructure for a connected world: INDIGO is another piece in Singtel’s wider subsea network and will create a cable ring, connecting Australia to Singapore, through south-east Asia, across the Pacific into the US and back to Australia. This capability provides virtual global connectivity to a demanding, interconnected world. For Australian businesses, they will have unparalleled access to two of the world’s largest economic hubs.


The capabilities enabled by INDIGO have been in the planning for more than a decade to herald an exciting new phase for businesses in Australia, South East Asia, and beyond. It is the next step in a roadmap of subsea cables Optus is helping develop and maintain – including the Southern Cross network. We’re proud and excited to be bringing a global economy to fruition.


To find out more about INDIGO and learn how it can help your business, as well as the intelligent enterprise grade data services Optus is delivering in Australia – such as Ethernet over nbn service – contact your Optus account manager today.


By Andrew Stojcevski – Director of Fixed Marketing


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