No Audio on Incoming Loop Calls (iPhone App)

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I have a user who is using the Optus Loop app on an iPhone 8.

They can make outgoing calls via the Loop app and everything works fine.


When incoming calls are answered, there is no audio on either end of the line.

Microphone is enabled, app has been uninstalled/reinstalled, user unassigned/reassigned.

(A fair level of troubleshoot has been undertaken with no result)


Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Re: No Audio on Incoming Loop Calls (iPhone App)


You've had a look through the Optus Loop Support page? We do have a Optus Business Specialists available between the hours of 8:30AM - 5:30PM → 1300 617 648.  It might be worth giving them a quick call. 




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Re: No Audio on Incoming Loop Calls (iPhone App)


Hi Dan,


Thanks for replying, unfortunately there's nothing that covers this scenario on the support page.


I've been in touch with the Optus Loop Team and they are very helpful when you can get on to them, unfortunately, there is usually a 20-30 minute wait time with each call to the support line.  This has been a re-occuring issue, so spending up to 30 minutes on hold each time (before even explaining the issue) is quite difficult when incoming calls cannot be answered.


I'm trying to see if this specific issue has happened to any other loop users.




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