Why DIY network security may no longer be viable

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13th Oct 2014, 2:23pm

In days gone by, network security was generally a matter of installing a firewall and antivirus software. But with the increasing number and types of threats, do-it-yourself network security is becoming less feasible for many businesses.

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The latest Check Point Security Report revealed a 144 per cent increase in new malware in 2013. New types of threats, ranging from ransomware to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, are making network security increasingly more complex. Trends such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are also increasing the risks of breaches or malware gaining access to your network.


The business risks of a security breach

We read about large organisations falling victim to security breaches, but we don't hear about the thousands of smaller businesses that have been compromised. According to the Check Point report, 88 per cent of organisations experienced at least one potential data loss incident in 2013.


The consequences can be disastrous. IT security is no longer just about protecting your computers, and minimising potential downtime and lost productivity. It's about protecting your valuable business data, your customers' personal details and your company's reputation.


It's a business risk that you have to take seriously, but it can be mitigated with the right approach.


The managed, multi-layered security solution

Today's business security solution needs to have multiple layers, such as:


  1. network security, including a firewall to protect against external threats and attacks
  2. content protection, including anti-malware to scan files using deep packet inspection to prevent data loss and infected files
  3. endpoint protection, to secure computers and mobile devices, including personal smartphones and tablets, to prevent them from compromising the business network and data.


To help minimise complexity and maximise protection, these layers need to be fully integrated and the whole solution properly managed.


To read more about the threats, new security technologies and Optus Business' solutions, read our paper, How to protect your business from today's security threats.


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