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Using video to ease company transitions

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By Chris Kennett, Industry Manager, Business Applications Solutions


Newspapers love to talk about how poorly our economy is performing but there are many companies that are expanding either through acquisition or through regional expansion.


Historically the challenges faced by these companies have been the subject of MBA courses in how companies fail but changes in the way we deliver knowledge and information has significantly reduced the chances of failure for those companies that have adopted today’s technologies.


Uncertainty and anxiety abound in acquisitions. Staff are

  • Slow to adapt to the new company’s culture;
  • Struggle to understand new ways of doing things;
  • Determining new procedures to be followed;
  • And learning new systems;
  • And different audit and control requirements.

There is a need to deliver the new message out quickly and demonstrate new ways of doing things – but not through a long winded and hard to understand manual.


Well documented policies and procedures have been used to disseminate corporate knowledge and intellectual property however anyone who’s been through a change can relate to examples where months have been spent developing content, delivering it via face to face training programs and then having the manuals put on the shelf and ignored.


With over 2/3 of data delivered over the internet now being video it’s no wonder that video is the way we prefer and often expect to be communicated to. Video conveys a whole range of information that simply isn’t possible using static images or text. Importantly, written communication can sometimes get lost in translation, leaving the tone and context of a message to be interpreted without any control.


A well-structured video based ‘how- to guide…’ that is easily searched, is granular enough for the user to go directly to the information they need and is a very effective way to drive adoption of the new ways of doing things when companies quickly grow. Innovations in video search now make it easy to seek the relevant points of presentations, increasing the relevance and value of the visual content.


And for companies looking to expand into different regions, videos can easily have sub-titles added in the target country’s language.