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Unlocking mobility's potential

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Many organisations are recognising that mobility is the future. The Optus Future of Business Report 2012 reveals that 81 per cent of businesses plan to issue tablets to employees in three to five years, up from 69 per cent that do so now.


Businesses are also continuing to invest in allowing employees to connect personal devices to their corporate networks. In 2012, 56 per cent of businesses surveyed allowed employees to access the company network using their personal smartphones while 49 per cent allowed staff to bring-your-own-laptop.


As mobility becomes ubiquitous, organisations have an opportunity to completely transform their business. So what considerations should organisations take into account when developing their mobility strategies?


Lead with the application


The real value of mobility lies in the applications and tasks available to your employees when they are away from their desks. Which business functions would benefit the most from being mobile and what activities do employees in these areas spend most of their time doing?

Embed security


As organisations make more data available on mobile devices and employees use personal devices for work purposes, traditional security models and infrastructure become less effective. Businesses that implement bring-your-own-device policies need to consider moving beyond the traditional focus of managing their standard operating desktop environments.


Define the new mobile culture


One of the frequently overlooked aspects of mobility is how it changes corporate culture. You should consider which areas would benefit most from mobility and how you can adapt your work practices and environments to get the best results.


Implemented properly, mobility can make a business more agile, more dynamic and more responsive to customer and employee needs. Read our latest opinion paper for further insights on to unleashing the potential of mobility within your organisation.

By Aaron Tam, Optus Business Group Manager (Enterprise Mobility Applications). More from Aaron on Twitter: @tam_aaron

All views expressed are the author's own.