The Role of Wi-Fi in Retail

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13th Oct 2015, 1:17pm

By Robbie Kruger, Associate Director, Industry Management



What is the role of Wi-Fi in the digitally connected and challenged retail environment?


Is it a productivity enabler, a new service for customers to consume whilst in store or is it an all-encompassing business enabler?


The answer is “the all-encompassing business enabler”. Wi-Fi has always been a productivity enabler for specific tasks such as inventory management within the store or distribution centre, but as mobile solutions become less expensive and customers have adopted Wi-Fi enabled smart devices, the role of Wi-Fi has expanded.


For customers in-store it delivers a service to either assist them in their purchasing journey or means of entertainment. Wi-Fi can identify when a customer enters the store, deliver personalised offers or messaging as well as alert staff you have arrived for an appointment or pick-up—enhancing the customer experience.


For retailers it provides:


-          Insights into customer behaviour in store – when a customer enters the store, their number of repeat visits and their physical and digital behaviour,  which can be used for future marketing activities;


 -   Connectivity for staff and in-store technologies


-   Staff who are equipped with mobile tools can engage customers in new personalised approaches.  Staff can transact with a customer anywhere in store delivering knowledgeable and personalised service.  The financial transaction can be processed anywhere in store rather than having to go back to a desk, counter or even back office to complete. They can also be alerted to events occurring within the store. (ie VIP customer walked into the store or next appointment has just arrived)


-   Telephony, Digital signage, security cameras, alarming and other technologies can simply and seamlessly be delivered, supported, managed and maintained over this single technology.


The role Wi-Fi plays is endless.  However, as its role expands, additional controls need to be put in place to support your business strategy. For example, use policies need to be enacted to deliver consistent user experience aligned for all demographics to ensure you don’t leave your business open to misuse of the wireless network.


Security is vital to protect corporate assets and information from the threat of attacks.


And you need to be vigilant on service management and performance. As customer adoption and information access increases (such as with more video content being viewed) your service needs to grow with the demand and balanced against your security posture.


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This blog was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

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