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Six ways digital signage can transform your in store customer experience

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We all know it - consumers are way ahead of retailers and manufacturers when it comes to using digital technologies in bricks-and-mortar stores. With mobile devices, customers can quickly access online product details, read reviews, text friends for opinions and compare prices.


As a result, in-store customers are often less engaged than they used to be, and more likely to walk out the door.


What's the solution? Digital signage is one solution to re-engage customers by creating a richer retail experience.


What is digital signage?


Digital signage is a technology solution that distributes and displays digital content to customers. It can display everything from simple messages to cinema-quality video, and allow customer interaction via touch screens. Digital signage devices range from large advertising screens and point-of-sale displays to information kiosks and intelligent vending machines.


Because of this flexibility, digital signage can be used for a wide range of applications. It can:


  1. deliver dynamic, relevant content to the right audience in the right place and at the right time
  2. cover multiple retail touch points to strategically influence purchasing decisions
  3. act as a virtual showroom to help you use floorspace more effectively
  4. provide real-time product information to staff
  5. serve as a wayfinding device with maps and directions, and display important announcements
  6. create a rich personalised experience, allowing consumers to digitally customise and visualise products, from T-shirts to cars, with different designs and colours.


The business benefits


The benefits of digital signage are compelling. It can potentially:


  • improve customer satisfaction by replacing outdated printed material with up-to-date digital content that has interactive capabilities
  • reduce costs by distributing information electronically, with minimal manual labour required
  • attract more customers to your store with a wide range of dynamic content - from advertising 'specials' to personalised information
  • engage customers, increasing the time they spend in-store and sales opportunities.


The uses and benefits of digital signage are only limited by your ingenuity. It's like a blank canvas that allows you to create an engaging in-store digital experience for your customers.


For more details on what digital signage can do for your business, go to

About the Author
Twenty years of technical and business expertise means Robbie Kruger is ideally positioned to work with Optus Business customers on strategy. Robbie's experience and contacts span a range of industries, including financial services, retail and media. He has advised companies undergoing profound structural change on how to use technology to transform their business models and remain relevant in the digital age. "I work with executives and managers to understand the business drivers of their organisations and how Optus Business can help them achieve their corporate objectives," Robbie says. "By talking to people in business divisions such as marketing, sales and procurement, I gain a broad perspective about where we can add value." Robbie's two decades of experience spans sales and technical practices at organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. Before joining Optus Business, Robbie was Chief Technology Officer at Communications company Avaya's Asia-Pacific business.