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QnA with Daniel Bergan - An insider view of technology’s influence on Customer Experience Management

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As a part of Optus Vision 2015, our very own Karen Platt sat down with Daniel Bergan to talk about how technological innovation can drive customer and staff engagement.


Daniel Bergan is the Head of Strategy & Transformation for Customer Contact Centres within the Australian Financial Services business of the Westpac Group. Daniel and his team support a business of 3,000 who handle 16 million customer interactions per year on behalf of Westpac, St. George, BankSA, and Bank of Melbourne.


How do you see the customer experience transforming thanks to technological innovation in the next 5-10 years?

There will be a large focus on the speed of information. Our customers live in a much more 24/7 world and want information available to suit this lifestyle. I feel you will see many more services becoming available more often. They will be provided in a more virtual fashionwith customers given the ability access more information in a self-service format.


With the ability to now store data in a more effective fashion customers wont need to give as much information about their banking as many systems will have smart functionality that already knows this. It will be a great experience for customers when they can simply activatea service they need rather than apply.


In your opinion, how do customers want to engage with a contact centre such as Westpac?

Contact centres are increasingly becoming the forefront of the customer experience. The role we can play is connecting our customers as they move between digital banking and other services. We build the ‘human digital connection’ and help customers when they want assistance.


I have settled on some key themes around this - our customers want their contact centres to provide services that are relevant to them as individuals, be innovative by offering the latest types of technology and be there when they need us most (key moments in their lives).


In your own words, briefly describe how you believe you can increase staff engagement though technological innovation.

Technology really makes communication easy, especially to large volumes of people. Technology enables you to build individual connections with people, no matter where the location. Therefore you can always ensure you can communicate effectively and set the right expectations with people in your business. This drives high levels of engagement with both you as an individual leader, as well as your companys direction.


Optus Business would like to thank Daniel Bergan for his time.This is another edition in the series of Q&A sessions with business leaders and experts.


By Karen Platt, Optus Business Director, Customer Experience & Innovation. Hear more from Karen @platt_karen


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