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Q&A with Michael Weeding

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Michael Weeding.JPGMichael Weeding, Director Digital at AMP, is a member of the Customer Experience team which is working to develop compelling solutions for all AMP customers. Michael has over 15 years’ experience in Digital strategy, marketing and management roles across a range of industries; in global corporations and start-up companies. Prior to joining AMP he was Head of Digital for Citibank Australia.  He is an active member of the digital community within Australia and Asia.


In your opinion, why do you think the finance sector has such a large focus on customer experience in comparison to other industries?

Over the past decade there has been a huge growth in the number of customers who only engage with their finances through digital channels. Digitally engaged customers are demanding a new way to connect and interact with their financial institutions.  This has been one of the key reasons that financial institutions have had to rethink how they engage and serve their customers, as customers are in more control than ever before.


What advice would you give organisations on integrating channels for communication?

The key advice would be to maintain consistency across channels and across devices.  Just because a customer changes devices or channels their previous engagement should not be lost.


Responsive service and real time delivery of information is vital when creating a good customer experience. How do you implement this with your organisation? 

A key focus is to enable the presentation of real time information across our digital services as this is usually where a customer is most engaged and in most cases their first connection point with the organisation.  The only challenge within financial services is this is not always achievable.  A complex financial transaction, such as processing a mortgage application may take a number of days to be completed so we are focused on finding better ways to connect the customer throughout the process.


How have you used data targeting successfully to create a balanced personalised service while maintaining your customers trust?

We are currently in the process of using data to create better experiences for our customers across our digital channels.  AMP’s focus is to help Australians own their tomorrows. When it comes to achieving this someone who is 25 years old has different expectations and requirements than someone who is 55 years old.  While it is early days in using data to create balanced personalised experiences we are seeing very positive feedback and we believe these types of experiences will go a long way in building trust between AMP and our customers in the future.


What role does technology play in creating a successful customer experience within your organisation?

Technology provides the opportunity to give customers what they want, where they want it and in the way they want it. So we see technology as an important part of bringing this opportunity to life for our customers.


Twitter: @michaelweeding


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All views expressed are the authors own.

About the Author
Cindy has worked in the financial market sector for almost 30 years. She brings together a unique combination of experience across investment banking, management consulting and technology solutions. Focusing on innovation and thought leadership, Cindy has previously established her own companies and is now recognised for her innovative solutions in the financial services industry across the Asia Pacific region.