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Our Q&A with Nick Richards

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Nick Richards Profile.jpgWe spoke with mobile content specialist, Nick Richards, about his experience of Optus Vision 2013, and we asked him about the technology and innovation issues facing business managers in Australia. Richards believes that an inhibitor to innovation in Australia is a reluctance to accept change.


This is another edition in the series of Q&A sessions with business leaders and experts. If you'd like to be involved in a Q&A session with Optus Business, get in touch with us at @optusbusiness on twitter or email us at


OB: First of all, tell us about yourself and your company and tell us why you decided to come along to Optus Vision.


I'm the National Channels Manager for BigTinCan Mobile. BigTinCan is all about getting relevant content to users within an organisation, quickly and easily. We decided to come to Optus Vision as it's a great opportunity to showcase what we do and discover what everyone else is doing in the world of mobile.


OB: What do you see as the key issues that need addressing for the future of Australian business?


Jack Uldrich was definitely a highlight for me. It's always exciting to think about where technology and society is going in the future.


OB: What do you see as the key issues that need addressing for the future of Australian business?


One of the key issues I see for Australian Business is around a mobile workforce. I think that in the next few years big decisions around telecommuting, working from home and completely remote workers will have to be made. A lot of organisations still seem reluctant to have staff remote, but as congestion gets worse it seems to be a logical step.


OB: What business services do you feel need greater innovation?


I think the area of financial services is in dire need of innovation. There are a lot of areas where mobile and cloud solutions would produce huge productivity gains. I think the reluctance in the industry's part to adopt is due to a very strong culture of risk aversion.


Nick Richards - vision event photo.png

OB: How do you think innovation should be fostered in Australian business?


Innovation needs to needs to fostered through two channels:


1) Government support though grants and financial support. This is for both entrepreneurs and innovation within the corporate sector.


2) Socially, there needs to be an acceptance of innovation as the norm. A big challenge I see all the time with people trying to innovate is a reluctance to change. Everything is a bad idea of impossible until something is actually done.

OB: If you had to name one piece of technology that you think could transform business, what would it be and why?


Human cloning. Seriously though, iPad. The applications for this piece of technology everywhere in business are pretty much endless.


OB: Finally, who would you love to hear from at next year's Optus Vision and why?


I'd love to hear from Tim Ferriss, the author and general innovator. His work around workplace efficiency and learning is amazing.


We'd like to thank Nick Richards for his time in speaking with us. If you'd like to know more about Richards, visit his Linkedin profile, or follow him on twitter at @NickRichards15. You can also visit the BigTinCan site at: