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Maximising your retail ecosystem - Clicks & Mortar Series

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In a customer driven digital economy, retailers and other proprietors who invest in Bricks and Mortar locations are increasingly seeking ways to enhance the customer experience and maximise their selling potential.


Thanks to Web 2.0 and mobile technologies, the Information Age has brought about a myriad of opportunities for businesses to connect with customers in the store and then continue the conversation after they have left. For example, digitally connected customers today will:


  • Instagram their meals at restaurants;
  • Share their clothing choices whilst trying them on in-store; and
  • Tag themselves at their location


Social media and mobile technologies can represent a significant challenge for traditional businesses, but, equally, they stand as an amazing opportunity to better listen, engage with and personalise offers for customers.


The ability for staff to have real-time insight into what customers are saying in-store or on- premise can help create powerful opportunities to better serve that customer, tailor offers to their needs and maximise sale conversation rates.


For example, insights from social posts can highlight customers' purchasing behaviours which, in turn enable retailers to tailor offers and update digital signage content to promote popular trending items at the time they will resonate most. This extends the customer engagement process from a physical touch-point to digital marketing and, ultimately sales.


Connecting digitally with customers also removes traditional communication barriers such as medium, time and place; a sales conversation can start before the customer even arrives in-store and continue on after they have left the premise. This type of proactive digital engagement enables retailers to improve communications with their customers, build genuine relationships and, ultimately, entice them back to purchase again.


Welcome to the era of 'Clicks and Mortar'.


By Robbie Kruger, Optus Business Industry Manager. More from Robbie on Twitter: @RobbieKruger


All views expressed are the author's own.