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ICT partnership helps training organisation go national

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New technologies are transforming education and training, just as they are in other industries. Regional organisations now have to compete with national and even international rivals. So it made sense for the four state-based Australian Institute of Management (AIM) organisations to merge.


The merger created challenges for the new national entity: to integrate the state-based operations and ICT, and upgrade ageing systems, while adapting its products and services for the digital education era. For a not-for-profit organisation in the competitive area of business and management training, these were significant hurdles.  


“The challenges we face are actually opportunities – that’s the way I see them,” says Daniel Musson, AIM’s Group CEO. For example, integration will help “drive the scope and scale of our organisation”.


However, the group needed an ICT partner to help with the transition and for a much-needed ICT upgrade.


“Our systems were more than five years old. We had over 50 servers spread across seven racks. Reliability was an issue, the network was an issue, and the reliability of our service provider was also an issue,” says Gerardo D’Angelo, Group Business Lead of Technology and Operations at AIM.


How the partnership has delivered


After an extensive evaluation process, AIM chose Optus Business.


“We need people who can work in partnership with us,” says Musson. “We’ve got a relatively small IT team so we rely heavily on the capabilities of our partners to help us advance and build the world-class products that we want to offer.”


A year after partnering with Optus, AIM has moved into a new national head office in North Sydney and upgraded its systems by adopting a blended cloud and on-site solution.


The group now has more than 20,000 members, more than 280 staff members around the nation and a network of first-rate office and training facilities. In short, it’s ready for the new era in education and training. 


For more details on this ICT partnership, see the AIM case study video below.



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