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Five ways businesses can use technology for agility

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By David Caspari, Vice President, Products, Solutions and ICT, Optus Business


Want your organisation to become more agile and adaptable, but not sure how? Optus Future of Business Report 2015: Road to Growth  suggests that your systems and processes could be good place to start.


This year’s research report is based on interviews with more than 500 senior business leaders across Australia. Using the results of this extensive survey, we developed an Australian Business Change Readiness Score.

We were also able to identify how key business areas contributed to organisations’ change readiness, and we found that systems and processes were by far the most important. In fact, they were nearly twice as important as the next key business area – products and services.


As one business leader said when interviewed for the report: “If I am change ready with regard to my systems and processes, then my business is ready for change.”


Key technology findings


More specifically, our report indicates that businesses with high Change Readiness Scores have a deep understanding of how technology can enable change. It suggests that businesses can become change ready in five key ways:


  1. Keep up with the latest technology. Ninety-three per cent of businesses with high change readiness scores feel confident they are keeping up with technology. That figure drops to 56 per cent for organisations with low scores.
  2. Embrace new technology. Low-scoring organisations tend to feel besieged by disruption, with more than a quarter believing technology has a negative impact on their business. By contrast, 93 per cent of change-ready businesses say technology has a positive effect.
  3. Adopt technology for positive reasons. High-scoring businesses nominate knowledge sharing, collaboration and more targeted customer engagement as technology’s top benefits, whereas low-scoring organisations focus on cost savings.
  4. Know the importance of having the right technology. Change-ready businesses are five times more likely than low-scoring organisations to recognise that restrictive technology such as legacy systems are a barrier to change.
  5. Understand how technology helps the entire business. Our research reveals substantial gaps between high-scoring and low-scoring businesses in their views on the importance of technology as a change enabler in all key business areas.

Your next steps


Of course, every business transformation is different. Our Change Readiness Assessment Tool can help determine your next steps to becoming a change-ready business, as well as revealing your organisation’s score.