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Contact centre-as-a-service: how it works

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Most of us understand the benefits of moving applications and basic infrastructure such as storage to the cloud – but a contact centre? How is it even possible?


Thanks to recent improvements in the underlying technology that aggregates IT hardware and software, providers have been able to improve the economies of scale of more complex infrastructure and applications solutions.

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As a result, Optus has launched two new solutions: contact centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) and unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS).


The benefits of CCaaS

Like cloud services, CCaaS and UCaaS offer cost efficiencies and assist organisations to turn large capital expenditure into smoother, more manageable operating expenses. But they also offer more far-reaching benefits.


For example, organisations are facing increasing demands from consumers and citizens, who expect to be able to engage with organisations anywhere, at any time and on any device. Trying to keep up with the needs of consumers and citizens with an on-premise solution is becoming increasingly difficult. CCaaS provides organisations with a platform to facilitate flexible interaction with their customers. This enables businesses to focus on the experience that they wish to provide to their customers, rather than the technology.


Our CCaaS solution differs from off-the-shelf cloud offerings. It is critical that our CCaaS service is aligned to the customer experience objectives that our customers organisations are attempting to provide. With a sophisticated and flexible array of functionality available, the vast majority of requirements can be met with minimal complex customisation.


What it means for contact centre managers

The Optus CCaaS and UCaaS solutions work together, so contact centres gain all the efficiencies, business tools and collaboration benefits provided by the supporting UCaaS service. This enables the potential for real time interaction between contact centre agents and other specialist resources within the organisation to provide improved customer experience.


CCaaS enables contact centre managers to deal with one provider, instead of multiple vendors as they would for many on-premises facilities. That leaves them free to concentrate on their key responsibilities - such as developing the capabilities of their agents, supporting CX related initiatives, and ultimately ensuring their customers receive exceptional service.


For more details, see our paper, Move ahead with 'as a service'


By Michael Kearney, Director of Contact Centre Solutions at Optus Business. More from Michael on Twitter: @mickearney


All views expressed are the author's own.


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Occasional Visitor alannahgibz
Occasional Visitor

Difinitely CCaaS and UCaaS are great tools for contact centres. Next to human resources it's fair to invest on tools and/or services that boosts your business productivity and reach ROI significantly fast. 


Tools. Check.


Human Resources or the man power of the company; lets discuss about this also. Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s contact centres. Keeping agents motivated and committed to organisational values and goals has always been instrumental in building a productive workforce, but a number of organisations fail to put enough focus on it. [source]


I hope Micheal you could write something similar Smiley Happy 




About the Author
Mike Kearney is responsible for the Contact Centre Business (Centre of Excellence) in Optus Business. He has over 20 years of experience in ICT, incorporating experience marketing, selling, consulting and leading various business functions. Mike is responsible to the Optus Business customer go-to-market for Contact Centre Solutions and the associated services and delivery activities. He is focused on providing solutions to customers that are aligned to their business strategies and which enable differentiation from their competitors. Mike works with a 30-strong team to deliver market leading solutions to customers that solve their business challenges, align to strategy, and leveraging the considerable expertise and experience Optus have in providing Contact Centre and customer interaction solutions. His skills and experience also cover business planning, strategy development, solutions architecture, program management, and people leadership. Mike's prior roles in Optus include Director of Consulting and Design at subsidiary Alphawest and National Practice Manager, Unified Communications.