switch to email bills issue


Hi, I have asked many many time to get my bill switched to email. Everytime I try do it in the online portal is fails with this issues; 


Well this is embarrassing. We can't display your service details in My Account. Please contact one of our customer service agents to get this issue resolved."

When I ask the online chat support I get the same response. " I have done it for you, give it some time and try again" but it never changes. Is there any way I can speak to a person in Australia and get this resolved? I pay for a paper bill that I never want. I have been with Optus for many years but this overseas chat support is drving me nuts. I want support by local people who care.

Re: switch to email bills issue


If you have a reference number or chat transcript of your request then I would not be paying the paper bill fee. I would make a complaint via the link below or via and if you don't get a response I would take the matter up with the ombudsman.



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