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student discount calculation


I have a contract of iPhone X at $125 plan plus 20% off($25 off), $20 off, $10 off(home internet bundle dicount) and 10% student discount($7 off) each month, after consider these dicount repayment was down to $63 per month. The calculation is 125-25-20-10-7=63. My question is that the student discount benchmark is $70(after off $25,$20 and $10), I reckon that 10% student discount benchmark should be $125. It should be $12.5 rather than $7. My plan ID:20333451. Does Optus specify calculation of student discout offer at website?


optus iphone x plan SS.jpg


Thanks for any reply.


Re: student discount calculation


Not to my knowledge. However your logic would potentially see Optus paying you if in the unlikely scenario you got the price plan reduced to $12.50 a month or lower. 


The 10% OFF wording is indeed vague but to my knowledge its applied as off the amount you actually pay not the plan price. One reason for this might be because Optus routinely have an expensive plan / phone bundle but then subsidise the phone heavily. The customer is up for the full unsubsidised price if they leave early though. 


Peter Gillespie


Re: student discount calculation


Hi Peter

Many thanks for post.


I just want to know how does optus work out the 10% student discount, rather than the plan down to $12.5 per month.


Thank you again for the info.

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