resetting password in old optuszoo and my account to get email backlog cleared

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help me i am behind the times due to extreme illness and being unable to use my computer windowa 10 program and use the optus email page. I have tried to get help but no one is kind enough or patient enough to come over to my place in Armadale Melbourne Australia to spend several hours helping me get going and get up to speed of 2018. My father died of cancer in 1996 and with that I lost my only person who helped me and taught me about computers, technology and philosophy and had the love and patience to keep developing my intellect. I am thirsty for knowledge of these things and a good student but normal courses go too fast for me as I have undergone electroconvulsive shock treatment for depression and lost memories and my brain is still working slower than a normal persons who is not taking strong medications every day. I have done as much rehabilitation as I possibly can but many agencies cater for the worst cases and as I am high functioning I have had to try doing it all alone.  If there is any one who could help me I may even be able to pay a small amount for their trouble. I am getting desperate. I am becoming progressively more and more cut off from this modern world we now have and I really want to participate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My name is Michelle MxXxxxxx and my no. is 04xx xxx xxxSmiley Very Happy

Re: resetting password in old optuszoo and my account to get email backlog cleared


Hi @archeopterix, thanks for posting! So you were having trouble accessing your webmail account? Could you send me a PM with your full name, account number or username and DOB? If you just click the link here it will take you through to the PM screen. I'll help with getting the password reset and provide some detail as what to do next. 


Just regarding your request to have someone come out to help with some general tips and tricks, if you search the web 'visiting tech support' you can find some options Smiley Happy

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