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How do you actually access optus perks...? it has never worked for me! ( well it used to about 2 years ago)

1) I log into my account 

2) I go to (

3) I click on the perks and community

4) I am taken to

5) there is one option that says "register" so i click on that

6) I get Confirm your email to start.. It has my email prepopulated so I click next

7 ) I get the following

Now select a phone number or broadband username

You must select a service before proceeding

Looks like you don't have any active phone numbers or broadband usernames on the account at the moment. If you need some help click here.

8) I have only been able to access perks from a tablet that I rarely use that has data sim only..

9) I spent over an hour last year with an optus technitian on the phone trying to sort this out and couldnt get anywere..


I use to just be able to go into the app and click on perks and just buy movie tickets before this.




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Have you tried skipping the logging into My Account part first? i.e. make sure you're actually logged out of My Account, go to and then try registering there. Sometimes being logged into My Account already can cause a conflict. 

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no Sorry it just redirects me to step 7) with the same error ..

1) I logged out, closed the browser 

2) opened a new browser (tried using IE and Chrome) 

3) went to

4) clicked on log in

5) entered my user name and password 

6) was redireted to same error message at the privous step 7)

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What about re-registering? 

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

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I am not sure about that I dont think you can have two accounts registered to one service 

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Hey @Chad76 - thanks for reaching out. Can you please PM me with your mobile number, full name and DOB? Happy to pass this on to our perks guys. 

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not working on this end either.


chat was no help and just told me to reset my password.


Any help would be apreciated 




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Update everyone.. 

I have tried but failed.. I can not optus perks through the web. 

single singon seems to work with my optus app when i am connected to my home wifi . but not aways in Fishwick which where are i work and the reception is prettey bad. hence i was trying to get around the issue using the internet ( perks site. 


@Shauna I will contact you with my details for ASAP..

just as a background I did spend about an hour with someone on the phone a few months a go trying to fix this issue.. and we didnt get anywere obviously. 

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No worries, @Chad76, feel free to shoot through a private message to us here so we can follow up on this for you. 


Alternatively, our Perks Support team can be reached directly via email at Please include your full name, email address and registered phone number or broadband username so our team can assist further with the registration Smiley Happy Ev 

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