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New Contributor Wert
New Contributor

iPhone 8 $59 my flex plan and the trouble I have had getting this plan!!!

Here we go...... We caught onto the $59 my plan flex with iPhone 8. I rang on the 2nd of January to attempt to subscribe to the plan? I was told I needed to get the plan online? That night my partner and I waited 3 hours to be consulted by an online agent. The agent then told us we needed to attend a physical store for the plan? The following day myself and my partner went out of our ways to see a store clerk who told us we could not get the plan because the had no iPhones in stock? My partner then rang optus only to have the lady say we could have that plan if we switched numbers? (The plan details allow new and preexcisting customers to apply? So I rang the same number and talked to a guy who was quite happy to supply us with a tempory order number and reassured us we would receive the plan and handset in the near future? This has been a huge muck around and I'm going to be making large waves if a mod here does not contact me and have me supply the temporary order numbers so as to give us an idea as to when we will be recieving our handsets and phone? Can someone from optus email me details so I can supply my details safely and get the answers I seek? I've been with optus for like 20 years and the way we have been treated is disgraceful. Total crap! Rob.
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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: iPhone 8 $59 my flex plan and the trouble I have had getting this plan!!!

Hi @Wert, does sound like a bit of a run around 😞 Apologies that it's been the case for you with this, we can definitely take a closer look at what's going on and chase up the order.

Please get in touch with us here via Live Chat. Alternatively, you can speak with our Sales Support team directly on 1300300562. 

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