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Occasional Contributor bronko1989
Occasional Contributor

customer service

Well, first i tried to find out when the new ipad pro is due to arrive but no one could help but never mind that its out now.

So i have upgraded my current contract or so i thought, i got issued a temporary order no. on Monday, on Wednesday i phoned and ask whats going on they couldn't help me after i was on hold for around 30 min and passed me on to someone else and then mentioned that there is nothing we could do i have been passed to the finance people and they are credit viewing me??? yup... i got credit viewed after being with optus for 5 years and have 5 current accounts with them, never mind that its been 5 working days and i still haven't heard from then on the upgrade online order they said delivery would be 1-5 days... there live Chat never seams to work either...


furthermore i have good news... TELSTA offers an exchange service and i would be changing over real soon due to the lack of service and they will be loosing 5 contracts just for not caring.

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Moderator Tris

Re: customer service

Sorry to hear about the experience @bronko1989, even where you have services with Optus you still may be subject to an internal credit check though. With that said, it normally shouldn't take as long as the time frame you've mentioned. Could you please send me a PM with your full name, account number, DOB as well as the order number? I'll try and get you an update

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