cannot download or view pdf bills


hi how are you? I have noticed, (from being a long time Optus customer), how the service has utterly deteriorated into something comical and ridiculous. The service at Optus is so poor I'd almost liken it to a third world system, its unbelievable and honestly you people should be ashamed of yourselves. 

The online chat function is almost always not available, and there are always technical issues when I log into my online account. For example, i'm trying at the moment to download a pdf bill so I can pay it in person with a gift card I have, however I cannot access my bills because the function where it asks to verify my details is not working, and the screen just reloads continuously until I have to switch browsers. I cannot also link my account to my sim via the mobile app for some unknown reason. I also had a conversation with an Optus representative a few days ago, (through the chat function), and the moronic assistant told me at least two times that he would email a transcript to me. No transcript was emailed to me. I even double checked the icon at the end of the chat to email a transcript and apparently this wasn't good enough either.


How about you at the very least try to help me download my pdf email bills. Can you resolve this issue for me without referring me to another part of your online apparatus that is surely not going to work, and will most definitely waste more of my time.


Optus, is a woefully poorly run, shoddy organization and people should seriously be doing collective organized complaints to you, because the service is basically non existent. 

Re: cannot download or view pdf bills


Have you ever heard of the old addage "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?" because you've basically insulted the staff and called the morons amongst other things.


I've just tested and can grab my PDF bills without an error, the fact you can try a different browser and it starts to work suggests your preferred browser is doing something funky. Have you tried ditching the cache just in case some old/bad information is causing some grief too.


Does your account number start with a 2 6 or 8? 

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