can't log into Optus 4G Modem

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can't log into Optus 4G Modem

username or PW wrong not options - went to optus shop but was told they can't help because their computers are "Encripted" ....

this is probably my last try, time to move on. FYI number is *hidden*optus.JPG

Re: can't log into Optus 4G Modem


The username is usually set to the default username of Admin, the password should be Password (unless it's been changed in the past). 


Have you given that a shot? Which model of 4G modem are you using? I'll try and locate the user guide. 


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Re: can't log into Optus 4G Modem


Thx for the reply,

Yes tried Admin Password.

Still nothing – I remember when buying it there were all sorts of problems setting it up.

Model E8372h

Thx for yr help

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