Why did My Account (Bill) suddenly increase from $55 to $180?


Hello again,


Well, if this don't beat all.


I just received an email from OPTUS & was floored by the following message...



Please find attached your new look Optus bill for account number xxxxxxxxxxx

You'll see there is a new account number and changes to the layout, including how GST is displayed. Get to know all the important changes to your bill and payment arrangements at

Bill Amount
Due date
27 September
Direct Debit from Bank Account will occur on the due date



& yet, when I go to My Account page, which takes almost forever to load, as do all of your pages,

I see this message...



  • Amount due

  • Due date


No outstanding charges.
All up to date!



Really! I mean....REALLY!


Also, none of your contact/Chat links function.


Why has my bill suddenly increased SO MUCH for NO REASON at all.


I have not changed or updated/upgraded anything.


I am very happy with my current plan & do not intend to change it.


I'd be interested to know what the H#*% is going on with/in/on OPTUS.


Thanks for reading.


Regards, Mike..

ps. I do not have any ref; yet, as I cannot contact anyone.


Re: Why did My Account (Bill) suddenly increase from $55 to $180?


Sounds like one of the fake/spam emails.

Never click on any links.

Always go firect to the Optus website or use their app on your phone.

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Re: Why did My Account (Bill) suddenly increase from $55 to $180?


You do have a bill number though?


So contact Optus billing as they can definitely look at the issue. Its sounds like in the migration something has shaken loose incorrectly. Only they can explain it. I suggest LIVECHAT or FACEBOOK.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Why did My Account (Bill) suddenly increase from $55 to $180?

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies.


As for the email being spam or the likes, nope.

It came from OPTUS alright. No so called "Smart Phone" here & I've been doing this for many years.


After contacting them today, I was told that because of me asking them

to fix a very noisy landline about 5 or 6 weeks ago, (they tested? checked? & said their original white modem was faulty & they'd send a new BLACK one), which duly arrived & was installed correctly.


Trouble was....the noisy landline was still very noisy.


They sent an OPTUS Tech out a couple of days later & all he did was to verify the noisy landline.

I then expected OPTUS to contact the NBN Co. & request that they attend to my problem.


No-one showed up, no appointment was made & yet they reported that the problem had been fixed.

Well.....It ain't. The noisy landline is still just as noisy.


I rang OPTUS again this afternoon & merntioned the above problem was still there.

What was then stated was that they would be sending me another new Black modem

because this one was FAULTY as well. Really! I mean REALLY!


The point of all this was that I was going to be charged for the 1st new Black modem.

It's now appeared on/in MY Accounts (Bills) page.


Bill Amount
Due date
27 September
Direct Debit from Bank Account will occur on the due date


Thankfully, a kind chap from the BILLING Dept. has sent an email saying that I they would be WAIVING the $119.00 for the new Black modem.


Well, bless my soul. Wonders will never cease.


I replied to their message stating that they contact the NBN Co. & send a Tech. out to check all the pit connections.

(There are about 50 or so in the caravan park.)


Anyway, I shall await the outcome & hope for the best.


Thanks for reading.


Regs, Mike..


ps. I also mentioned that their pages are very slow to load & that none of the related links function at all.

Doesm't matter which browser I select, as they exhibit the same slow loading & dead links.

&...Peter, I do not have or require a "bookface" Acct. Smiley Happy

Plus...As I mentioned, their CHAT links, along with all the others, fail to function.

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