Upgraded prepaid plan but no response




I recently went online to upgraded my prepaid plan to a $40 My Plan Plus 12M which is a contracted Plan instead of my usual prepaid plan.

I placed the order online and received an email from Optus saying they had received my order and within 48hrs they would send another email with tracking information and a confirmation.

It has been a week now and I was wanting to know if this is normal and what I should do?




Re: Upgraded prepaid plan but no response

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Something would appear to have gone wrong.


Suggest you contact live chat on here and ask them to look into it.




Peter Gilllespie


PS Pre paid plans used to be quite inferior to post paid plans. But these days they're looking they're pretty neck and neck IMO. Prepaid are actually better in that you can roll over data, there's also no chance of going over your limit (something that's posted about quite a bit here - Optus can keep bumping your limit 150 times at $10 a go) and of course there's no lock in contract. If they have stuffed up the order it might be worth sticking with prepaid? 


What caused you to change over?

Re: Upgraded prepaid plan but no response


So sorry to hear that Joshua_OD Smiley Sad 


I'd recommend giving our Online Sales Support team a buzz on 1300929949 (Monday -Friday : 8am to 9pm or Saturday 9am-6pm EST) and they'll be able to look further into your order and find out where it's at.


Shout out if we can give you a hand with anything else.



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