Updates to our privacy policy


Updates to our privacy policy


Shame this rable can't fix many things only when you follow directions to then

Manage your preferences

Manual Registration


Only for this patronizing message to appear everytime "We're here to help" fail page


You've made too many registration attempts. Please contact us via LiveChat or customer service on 133937 to sort it.


If you think I am going to let you rip me off further and on top of that sell any data info then you are sadly mistaken. Another call to the ombudsmen on the cards

Re: Updates to our privacy policy


You will probably find that TIO will dodge the complaint. They only handle things which relate to your service.

Re: Updates to our privacy policy


I reached out to ACMA, who can then determine if it's a breach of regulations.


I emailed ACMA on their enquiry form which you can access here :


If you'd also like to raise a complaint, or this sort of behaviour by OPTUS doesn't sit well with you and you're interested in personal privacy, I recommend checking out the ACMA site here  :


Enquiry I sent as below:



I recently received an email from OPTUS advising that they were OPT'ing me IN for third party data collection by default unless I OPT'ed OUT in their user portal (I have a mobile account with OPTUS).

The OPT OUT was a link in the email, however this only pointed to the user portal, and the actual option to OPT OUT was hidden pretty deep in some sub-menus on the site.

I also found out I was OPT'ed IN for a lot of other SPAM, including Door to Door visits and Personalised Advertisements.

At the very least this is poor corporate behaviour from OPTUS, however if it is in breach  of ACMA regulations, it would be good for you guys to investigate.


Email is as below

Hi ,
We've made some changes to our privacy policy. This affects information we collect about use of your service.
From 30 July, we may provide trusted 3rd parties and advertisers with anonymous data.
Click here more information or to opt out of having anonymous data shared with 3rd parties.

Re: Updates to our privacy policy


Clicked through the "advised" links through 3-4 pages to end up at square 1 again...


Good thing both me and my wife's mobile services are up for renewal... so it'll be "NO" Optus for me it seems.


May sound trivial to Optus but many people take their privacy and personal info seriously... it's not up for SALE to the highest bidder. We're not all 13 y.o.'s and careless about this stuff.


Re: Updates to our privacy policy


Opting out should be as clear and easy as an UNSUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of an unsolicited email.  To make it anything otherwise is just poor business practice that does not deserve customers' patronage. 


I got an email advising that they had recently contacted me (they hadn't) to advise of the changes, and that now the technical issues that stopped people opting out had been fixed.  They haven't.  The link in the email went to a page that never fully loded (and i am using a desktop connected to cable).  The chat live link never answered.  The phone system doesn't have an option to discuss this matter.  Optus obviously wants to make it as hard as possible to opt out.  Well it is quite easy.  It's called Telstra/Vodafone/Virgin/Foxtel etc. I've already disconnected two optus services because of useless service.  And I have landline phone, internet and cable TV services yet to switch.  This type of business practice does not bode well for the public's opinion of you Optus.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH (and yes, I am yelling that at you).


Who else gets tired of businesses making things so difficult they hope you give up and they get away with it ?

Re: Updates to our privacy policy

[ Edited ]

Go in to your account
> Profile

> General Marketing

    - You can select what - if any marketing you want coming to you. There is a switch to turn it all off.


Re: Updates to our privacy policy


That's marketing, not them snooping on your web browsing and selling your browsing history to affiliates.

Re: Updates to our privacy policy


Which is Insights and is listed under General Marketing.

Re: Updates to our privacy policy


Thanks Kattwells.  That is good to know.  Why doesn't Optus tell us as clearly as that ?  My cynical mind thinks it is because they don't want to.  Not being a digital native I constantly wonder why businesses assume everyone that uses technology knows their way around it (like you obviously do).  That's why they should have (and it would cost them practically nothing to create) a big shiny UNSUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of things like this.   For every layer I have to go through, I get more annoyed. 


Re: Updates to our privacy policy



I totally agree to the underhanded way that OPTUS handled this.


ALL features/options/prefs should be Opt IN, NOT Opt OUT by default.


I received the same email but, like all who tried the posted/included link struck the same


loop 'd' loop & kept getting re-directed to the My Account page.


I also had a "Page not found" error message from that page......"Try again later."


&, as for that darn Chat feature?


Nope. Not available due to (too many customers complaing),

"We are experiencing a slight overload at present. Try later."


All this from a supposedly top Telecommuncations Co.


NO! Optus, definitely not yes, optus.


Lift your game.


I must thank the contributors who posted the path to the correct section where I was able to kill ever last one of those



Thank you, Kattwells, et al.

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