Unexplained data usage and unfair charges


I have a postpaid phone with 30 GB data and hardly even max it out for the 14 months of my contract. All of of a sudden in the last two months, my data has gone over in a fortnight and optus starting charging me excess data 12 times. This is happening again this month, I have another postpaid so now I have 60 GB and I had to add data bolt on of $100 to stop optus from overcharging me per 1GB and on the last day of my billing cycle they add $100 extra data charge for usage I don’t even agree to.


I have been tracking and chatting to the operator online and all they do is saying that I overused therefore I get charged, and they said in the contract it is stated that the usage notification can be delayed. The issue is beyond that - I do not agree with the outragous charges, I am disputing the charges as I do not agree with the way it has gone over so dramatically. And none of these operators understood and I always get disconnected, I believe 14 times in two months. 


I feel being ripped off by optus and being treated unfairly, how can I get compensated for all these excess charges, economic cost, stress and inconvenience? 

Re: Unexplained data usage and unfair charges

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Couple of things that really need to be said...


Optus arent being unfair, if you remember back in the day of $2/mb, your $60 of excess charges means you've used 6GB (6 x $10) so if we do the math that's $12,000 when they used to bill per MB. So realistically you've gotten off EXTREMELY lightly considering the bill you could have run up, in fact they don't have to offer the packs to limit bill shock, but they got sick of people playing silly with their data and claiming "optus was scamming them" they changed it to limit the financial burden to them.


Few questions because there is a lot of things missing from your post:

* What phone?

* Do you tether? (use your device to share internet to others)

* Do you watch streaming content? (ie: Netflix, Sport, Stan, NineNow etc)?


Because if you've gone through 60GB in 14 days, this isn't "Optus scamming you", but your device being EXTREMELY data hungry. 


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Re: Unexplained data usage and unfair charges


From the tone of your reply, you seemed to be representing Optus (things needed to be said? On behalf of? ). Why are you referring charges from ‘back in the old days’? It is not relevant. 


This is a forum to raise matters from an Optus customer point of view, and whatever I have experienced were client experience so what is wrong with expressing stressful experience as a customer? Your opinion about my need to see a psych is very inappropriate. Stop bullying people in this forum. 

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