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New Contributor abbadabs
New Contributor

Unable to increase postpaid mobile plan using online forms

I have tried multiple times online, and via the optus app to increase my post paid plan from the $120, to the $145.


I receive the code, folloe the prompts and get to the page saying it has been successful, and to expect an email. Nothing ever comes. 

I was hoping after I went through this process last month (because I went over my data cap, so obviously need more) that it would tick over and this month I would be on the new plan...however the new month started, and still on the same plan...and about to go over my data limit...again. 

Can someone please help me fix this, so that next month my bill isn't a blow out? Thanks in advance!

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Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Re: Unable to increase postpaid mobile plan using online forms

You may need to chat with a Optus Staff member to make the change, you can contact them via Live Chat at, or contact customer service on 1300300937.

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