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Unable to Link service


Please help! I am unable to link my service to My Account.  When I try to link it I receive this message: “The service entered is not eligible for My Account registration.”  I want to link my service so I can turn off paper billing and cancel my direct debit.  I did not know that my direct debit was already on, so when I received my first bill from Optus I unknowingly paid it twice (via direct debit and bpay).  I downloaded the Optus app but when I log in it says that my service is pending activation - however it was activated one month ago.  I have wasted so much time trying to get this to work over the past month and I massively regret choosing Optus Smiley Sad  



Re: Unable to Link service


I’ve been having the same problem with my NBN and mobile for over 3 months. Every time i speak to them they say the accounts are linked and then when I call next they haven’t been connected due to upgrades which have been going for weeks 


Re: Unable to Link service


Hi - have you been able to resolve this problem and if so, how? I cannot link my service either - it says service is not eligible for my account!


Re: Unable to Link service


I've asked them to fix it 3 times now, but it is still not linked and probably never will be. Such an epic waste of time! 

Re: Unable to Link service


Has anyone managed to get a fix for this.. I've had the problem for over a year. 

I don't understand why it's just not available when you get an Optus account. 

Even Telstra can manage that much so that's saying a lot.


Re: Unable to Link service


Hi there,

Please visit How to Add / Remove Services in My Account for additional info.

If there is still an issue,  this is not something that we can currently assist with here on the forum.

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. 

If not, please chat with us.  

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