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How can I trade up my iPad when I go to a store they have none in stock and they won’t order one in for trade up so how am I supposed to trade up 

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Sounds a bit strange. You need to return your current one to a store for evaluation and swap over. 


Which store? The issue may be that the trade up can only occur if the new iPad is in store. Otherwise it can get a bit messy i.e. you order a new unit but might change your mind or you damage your unit while waiting for it to be delivered. etc. 


Did the staff agree you are elligible for the trade up? Correct contract and at least 12 months into your terms and your iPad is undamaged?




Peter Gillespie

Re: Trade up


I’m eligible. But no store has them in stock and won’t order them in 

so please let me know what store has a new iPad 12.9 512gb  between Brisbane and Gold Coast 


Re: Trade up

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Hi @Tonza90, normally, we're able to raincheck or order the device for you in-store 


The iPad 12.9 512GB is still on backorder and we're unable to confirm when we'll be receiving a new batch of stock.


Trade up process for Raincheck & Preorder 


If the chosen device is not in stock but available for raincheck or preorder, we process a raincheck order for you.


  • You'll be contacted when the new device is ready to be collected
  • A full assessment of the device will be completed when you return to collect your new device 
  • You must remove any lock features, back up their data and rest their device to factory settings before collecting the new device


If you return to the store and your existing device is no longer in good working order, you can chose to payout your total remaining device charges and proceed with a recontract, or we'll process a contract reversal for you in-store. 



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