Spam filter doesn't work


I've been reporting all spam mails on the action button for the past month. I'm still getting approximately 20 a day. The frustrating part is also that it's from the same addresses. 


There are are a few being picked up by Optus but those emails seem to also be sitting in the spam and in the trash and in the inbox. Seems to be 3x the work to go in and delete them. Also I've changed by setting on my webmail that trash is deleted on log out but it doesn't. Your webmail options and settings SUCK Optus!!!!


time for an upgrade instead you seem to be going "backwards".



Re: Spam filter doesn't work


Up until a couple of years ago, the optus spam filter worked fine and my email inbox was generally spam clear.  Fast forward to now and I've receiving up to 20 spam emails a day and have given up marking them as spam because like other here, it does nothing to prevent the exact same email address sending again the next day.


I not that someone had made a compliant to the TIO and was told by Optus that he was on mailing lists and therefore it was not spam....surely if you as a customer mark an email address as spam, automated systems within the spam filter should identify and excluded it.  I do not enter competitions, I do not give my email address to just anyone and I certainly have not signed up to these mailing lists which in every case are spam/phishing/or just plain corrupt and I do not click on unknown (and sometimes known) links so tell me Optus, the email addresses that people are reporting generally seem to be the same ones and limited to Optus webmail.  Have your systems been breached releasing our details to spammers and this is why you can't do anything about it??


Surely if a customer marks a email address as spam, automatic rules can be set up in your systems to block these?  I'm getting really sick of the constant spam emails and Optus' inability or unwillingness to do anything about it.  Good luck keeping customers if this keeps up.

Re: Spam filter doesn't work


Same problem here. Still getting scam prize emails all from teh same email address (with different display names) and "Report Spam" has no effect.

Re: Spam filter doesn't work


Sorry to hear that @Cseaholme


If you're still experiencing issues with this you can report it to the ACMA for further investigation.

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Re: Spam filter doesn't work


Thanks, I'll try that. But the question is, why can't we block a particular email address using a spam filter?

Re: Spam filter doesn't work


@Cseaholme, which email client are you using with your Optus net email address with i.e. Outlook, Optus webmail (web browser), iOs mail.


The Optus spam filter is reliant on customers reporting suspect email addresses as spam. If customers are continually flagging suspect email addresses as SPAM, our systems become better at detecting said messages as SPAM. This is simply a reporting feature.


If you're using Optus Net Webmail select the email and click the 'Report Spam' button. ... The 'Report Spam' button is available in all folders except the Spam folder.


You could try setting up a rule in another email client such as Outlook. For example, you could set a rule where by any email that contains certain key words is automatically flagged and sent through to your junk mail folder.

If you're receiving deceptive phishing emails, you can always forward them across to,


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Re: Spam filter doesn't work


@Dan_C if you'd taken the time to actually read all/any of the posts on this page, you'd know that all of the complainants are using Optus Webmail. 


You'd also know that they have been flagging spam using the Webmail 'Report Spam' button.


You'd also know that the question being asked is not "how do I report spam?", but "Why TF when I report spam using the 'Report Spam' button do still keep getting flooded with spam from the very same spammers that I have been reporting over and over again?"

Re: Spam filter doesn't work


Resurrecting an old thread…


The ONLY spam, I ever get is on my email addresses. Google, Outlook, etc. seem to be able to filter spam, so why can’t Optus filter the most obvious spam emails?


Usually I get one or two a day so can handle but, in the last month I’ve been getting 20-50 each day!


C’mon Optus, surely when so many emails have ‘Viagra” or “Online Pharmacy” or the usual invitations from nice Russian girls ‘wanting to meet you’ in the subject line you can set up some sort of basic filtering?


Very, very poor basic customer service.

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