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Reset password function not working


Hi all,


A few months ago I got locked out of My Account as one day my login details were suddenly incorrect (I don't believe they were, cannot find any other password combo I would have used), I didn't think much of it, could still pay my bills as they were emailed to me. I've recently added a new service and really need to get back into my account to keep track of everything.


I've been trying to re-access it for about a month now by trying to reset my password on the optus login page. I've tried to do it on serveral devices and browsers and no matter what I used the reset password function will not go any further than allowing me to add my email address and date of birth. I can press the submit button but the usual 'Retrieving information' pop up doesn't appear and the page goes back to how it was before I hit the button.


Another issue is that I upgraded to the post-paid $65 my plan plus which was meant to include bonus data (so 7GB instead of 3.5GB) but the limited info I can get on my optus app without being signed in to my account is telling me I only have the 3.5GB. Would like to see if there's more accurate info in my optus account before I need to sit on the phone with Optus about it.


Any help would be really appreciated.




Re: Reset password function not working


Now having a secondary problem from creating this yes crowd account. I used the same email address for this account that is associated with my usual My Account and it seems to have created a new My Account...same email address, no access to the two services I have with optus that are linked to my usual My Account. Very confused here!!!


Re: Reset password function not working


Hey @bk_ get in touch with our Billing team when you get a chance. They'll be able to link the services and all your accounts back together Smiley Happy 

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