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New Contributor duckflaps
New Contributor

Replacement phone

I lost my phone at a festival and was wondering do I pay for a replacement phone or do i get a new sim into a different phone? 

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Moderator Aron_YC

Re: Replacement phone

Hey @duckflaps

If you've lost your phone you have a few options open to you. If you have insurance you can make a claim, or if not then you can recontract to get a new plan and device, purchase a new device outright, or if you already have a device then you can just get a replacement SIM card attached to the same service at any store. No matter what you decide to do I would recommend speaking with our online support team so they can mark this as lost and block the IMEI of the device and prevent the service from being used until you have a new SIM going.

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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Replacement phone

Sorry for your loss. The answer depends if your phone is under contract or not and if it is insured or not. I'm guessing you are on a plan and there is no insurance?

In which case your best option would probably be to buy yourself another phone. It can be the same model or completely different. You can get many phones that have been professionally reconditioned and come with a one year warranty on eBay.

Then just drop into an Optus store and request a replacement SIM for your old one. Put this in and you should be good to go. Your current plan will continue on exactly as it has been and at the exact same price.

Note that Optus won't stop your old plan monthly fees because you lost your phone. If you recontract with Optus on a new plan then you will need to pay both the new and old fees until your original contract is finished.

In all cases you should report the phone and SIM lost to Optus so they can block them (This forum is not a place for reporting a lost phone)