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Re: Kudos and Accepted Solutions


I have read on here that if I am satisfied with the answer to my question, I should mark it as "accepted solution" and don't be afraid to award kudo's. All very good, but, how do I mark an answer as "accepted solution" and how to I award the kudo's ?


Re: Kudos and Accepted Solutions



To award a kudo and/or mark it as an accepted solution you must be logged into yes crowd. Once logged in to award a kudo click on the kudos button or to mark as an accepted solution click on the accepted solution button on the thread where you posted.

Iā€™m a Yes Crowd Champion (not an Optus employee). I share my knowledge on Yes Crowd on a voluntary basis. If I answered your question, please mark it as a Accepted Solution. If I helped you out, hit that Kudos button Smiley Happy
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