Just received an email saying -

From 30 July, we may provide trusted 3rd parties and advertisers with anonymous data.
Click here more information or to opt out of having anonymous data shared with 3rd parties.

Seems almost impossible to opt out online.  Can someone just give me straight and simple answer -  how I can opt out of this?

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I received the same email. Was pretty unimpressed by Optus.


I eventually found the Option to Opt Out under the profile tab (top row of options, next to Dashboard and Billing).


After that, you need to go to General Marketing, and there's sliders to turn things off.


Disturbingly, I found that I was OPT'ed IN for everything, even door to door visits and personalised Advertisements over mobile.


Personally, I found the whole thing obnoxious. It's pretty poor corporate behaviour to sell user data by default, then hide the OPT OUT deep in the user portal.  It's probably worth a TIO complaint to be honest, or  at least a chat to ACMA to see if they think its legal to sign up end users for Door to Door Marketing by default.


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Had a think about this and decided it was worth a follow up to ACMA.  They can then determine if it's a breach of regulations.


I emailed them on their enquiry form which you can access here :


If you'd also like to raise a complaint, or this sort of behaviour by OPTUS doesn't sit well with you and you're interested in personal privacy, I recommend checking out the ACMA site here  :


Enquiry I sent as below:



I recently received an email from OPTUS advising that they were OPT'ing me IN for third party data collection by default unless I OPT'ed OUT in their user portal (I have a mobile account with OPTUS).

The OPT OUT was a link in the email, however this only pointed to the user portal, and the actual option to OPT OUT was hidden pretty deep in some sub-menus on the site.

I also found out I was OPT'ed IN for a lot of other SPAM, including Door to Door visits and Personalised Advertisements.

At the very least this is poor corporate behaviour from OPTUS, however if it is in breach  of ACMA regulations, it would be good for you guys to investigate.


Email is as below

Hi ,
We've made some changes to our privacy policy. This affects information we collect about use of your service.
From 30 July, we may provide trusted 3rd parties and advertisers with anonymous data.
Click here more information or to opt out of having anonymous data shared with 3rd parties.

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That was helpful thanks. I was pretty annoyed that it took me a stupid amount of time to not find how to optout then had to come on here! 

I hope you get somewhere with the complaint 


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Well you can colour me disgusted too. I had to remember where I had gone previously to turn off advertising only to find all these new invasive methods of trying to seek me stuff turned on. At least Optus had the courtesy to put a 'turn it all off' button at the very bottom of the page. 


I cancelled my Optus tv channels because I couldn't stand the frequent and repetitive advertising. Optus said in the email something like 'there's nothing worse than being bombarded with ads for products you're not interested in'. I've got news for you Optus, there is; being bombarded with any advertising, period!


Don't try and sell anything to me. I'm sick to death of my time on the internet being monetised. 


How dare you share my information without my consent and tell me two days after you've started doing it! Optus is probably the reason I get all these scam call from South East Asian operators for solar panels and stuff about car accidents. 


I think it it might be time to get the Ombudsman involved...

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Thank you so much for this, even though they were forcing the 'allowing' of our personal details to third parties and we were welcome to opt out ... they sort of forgot to mention on how to do so.


Went in to activate this options and what do you know, and I quote  "there is a problem with their end and to come back later".  Do I smell a rat in that or am I just being too sensitive.  

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Hey @kah201, can you please confirm if you've attempted to opt out via My Account > Profile? If that's the case, let us know and we can take a look for you.

Alternatively, you can chat with us HERE

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Yes ... after three goes I was successful in being able to opt out of my details being given to 3rd parties.  Thank you    It puzzles me as to why Optus even did this!  Have lost faith in Optus, unsure of what is going on especially with overseas calls centres as they do not abide by Australian Laws etc. - for the simple fact they do not need to.

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