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PrePaid Auto Recharge and why you should not do it

So you’ve decided that auto recharge sounds good because you won’t have to remember to recharge on the correct day and you will keep benefits such as data rollover.

Well think again, let’s have an example:

You setup the auto recharge on your prepaid plan for say 6th Oct, all good - you get an SMS back saying that recharge will occur on 7th Nov (28 days), although having to wait until the recharge date to do this was not a good user experience, you only have to do this once.

But wait on 5th Nov you get an SMS saying that your recharge expires on 7th Nov, getting a little confused here hadn’t I set up an auto recharge to happen, a further SMS arrives 6.5 hours later to confirm that auto recharge will happen on the 7th Nov, must be ok?

The big day – 7th Nov – another SMS about recharge expiring today followed by multiple SMS about my auto recharge happening today, 5 SMS in fact so all must be ok.

8Th Nov at 00:07 – SMS to state that my auto recharge was a success, but wait that should have happened on 7th Nov, that has meant that I have just lost my Data Rollover of 66Gb because Optus had auto recharged after midnight. This is despite the fact that my recharge history shows 7th Nov as the recharge date.

No worries, a quick ‘live chat’ with Optus should rectify the late auto recharge, think again, the web chat employees understanding of auto recharge was obviously different to my understanding in fact I was told I should have recharged for 26 or 27 days, and after a few attempts of being offered an add-on extra data purchase, I gave up.

So, in summary I would NOT recommend using the Optus PrePaid Auto Recharge – do it yourself manually.

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