Pre-paid SIM question.


I have recently changed my post-paid plan to pre-paid as I am overseas for the forseeable future, but I'd like to keep my number. I've jsut receieved a text stating that my recharge will expire on 11/11/16. My question is, if I allow this to expire how long do I have before the number becomes invalid?

Re: Pre-paid SIM question.


Hey there,

Generally it's six months from the last expiry.. if you could share the prepaid plan we could find the PDS which will confirm.

Cheers Dave

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Re: Pre-paid SIM question.


Hey web_d, we recommend you keep your Prepaid account with a positive balance and active credit expiry. There is a short grace period after your credit expires for the number is still able to be re-activated. On most of our current plans it is 6 months. 

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