Perks Movie Tickets - 40% Price Creep From Start To End


Baiting customers with a price which is not likely to be the final purchase price and methods of "price creep" are becoming common and insidious practice.   And do FAQs and Ts&Cs sanitise such practices - I think not.

Here is an example:

A person logs onto their Optus Perks Account (meaning they are online)

They are thrilled to see the following offer:

Adults tickets from just $12.00 *

They excitedly purchase some optus perks hoyts movie vouchers. 


They click through to the Hoyts website and select a movie only to discover that almost all Hoyts cinemas have recliner chairs. That's nice but it adds an additional $3.50 to the cost of the ticket.    This explains the Optus Perks Adult price showing on the Hoyts site as $15.50 rather than $12.00.

There's more - an innocent looking "Booking Fee" which shows $0.00.  Alas the $0.00 clicks over to $1.50 when a ticket is purchased.  (And what a surprise, the $1.50 is an online booking fee.  Where else was the booking supposed to happen?  Everything to this point has obviously been online.  And what makes DIY online bookings (no staff) more expensive for Hoyts but less expensive for every other business on the planet?

Which brings us to the bottom line.   How much do we have to pay for our $12 movie?

Amount to pay: $17

The $12.00 ticket has turned into a $17.00 ticket: that's a 42% increase. 

Maybe it's OK to clarify a thing or two usings FAQs and Ts&Cs but when it's reasonable to assume we're purchasing a red ball and a blue ball arrives in the mail we can be pretty certain deceptive practices are at work.




Re: Perks Movie Tickets - 40% Price Creep From Start To End


@Astounded, we always appreciate the feedback.


As far I can remember, we've always stated the pricing from figure. 


There's a couple of things to be aware of.


Pricing can differ from Hoyts cinema to cinema, 


As you've mentioned some Hoyts cinemas do offer reclining chairs as well as, "XTREMESCREEN." (which may incur a surcharge) 


We have no control over booking fees or any other surcharges that apply on top of the standard ticket price. 


I'm happy to forward this onto our Perks team for their consideration. 




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Re: Perks Movie Tickets - 40% Price Creep From Start To End


I think what the OP was trying to say that there were no booking fees prior to this for optus perks tickets. This was also one the reasons why most people booked tickets via optus perks even when the ticket was for the same price on saver days at HOYTS as the non perks tickets had booking fees.With the new added booking fees the dscount on movie tickets is not nearly as much as it was before. This should have been addressed to us before and not just added without warning

Re: Perks Movie Tickets - 40% Price Creep From Start To End


And it's now $12.50 but wait......No kids tickets anymore...Before kids were $9.50. So to bring your child it's gone from $9.50 to $14. How convenient to jack it up for the busy summer holiday season

Re: Perks Movie Tickets - 40% Price Creep From Start To End


Yep! The booking fee on Optus Perks was only introduced recently. Makes the standard general admission walk up rate and optus perks online rate very similar and only marginally cheaper. Just looking, Aquaman in Xtreme screen at Erina is $19 at the box office. Through Optus Perks including $1.50 booking fee is $18. Hardly a saving worth it. 

Re: Perks Movie Tickets - 40% Price Creep From Start To End


I have been keeping my home phone & internet with Optus just for the cheep movie tickets. I can’t believe they have been so deceptive in jacking up the price. The addition of the booking fee and removing kids tickets is just poor form by Optus. 

It was a great program while it lasted but looks like I will be researching new internet providers. 

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