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New Contributor syfte
New Contributor

Optus support in hiding

Has anyone noticed that Optus Support is nowhere to be found? (and their website obfuscates the whole process of trying to find them)

First I tried live chat, but the page just hangs after asking me whether my enquiry is Personal or for Business. No chat box. Next time can we just have a link to the chat page at the bottom of every page, along with your other important links?


So I had to login to My Account to join Yes Crowd to ask this question. Except I haven't registered for Yes Crowd (but Optus thinks I have since they have my email address). So I try logging in to My Account, and am told my password is incorrect. I then clicked on "Forgot Password".


Optus' website is a mess. Different parts seem to have been created in different times, in different styles. After trying the 3rd time, the temporary password Optus sent me managed to work.


I still can't find where to change my password. Shouldn't this information be displayed on the My Account page? Looking in the help pages it tells me I should be prompted to change my password right after I log in with the temporary password Optus gave me. No such thing happened.


I get it that some people are still on holiday. But why is there no way to reach Optus on their website? The people who put this website together must be in a conspiracy to maximise customer churn. If this is the polished product I'd hate to see the source code.

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