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Ordered a Samsung S8+ and Samsung A 8.0 through a plan upgrade online back on 03/12/17 received handset but no tablet. Temporary order had all the itema listed that i requested but somehow tabket was dropped off order and i have been chasing it up ever since. Agonising wait tine on the phone everytime i call from 45mins through to latest call which was 3hrs. It seems everyone one i speak to cant help. This has gone on for 46 days . What do i do?

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Sounds like really poor service.


[rant]Unfortunately Optus does not seem to handle these 'complicated' issues well. Getting one person in the organisation to take responsibility for the issue and to see it through to the end appears very difficult. IMO the single biggest and most effective change optus could make to its customer service proceedures is creating a department that takes ownership of any issues that can't be resolved within 48 hours. This department doesn't need to solve the problems, just be a direct and consistent contact point that take responsibility for following up.


That way, instead of geting a CS person on day 46 saying, "Can't do much about what's happened. Tell me again what you want sorted..." and then disappearing never to be heard of again. You get someone who's manager is asking why the heck they haven't fixed a simple issue after six weeks.[/rant]


But none of that helps you I'm afraid. At this stage I would simply pass it to the TIO. The issue is a simple one and has gone on way too long obviously. The TIO specialises in ensuring contracts have been fulfilled and in this case it hasn't. At the very least optus should be able to give you a specific date for its delivery (or tell you its never coming)




Peter Gillespie

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@AP78, you're more than welcome to send us through a private message with your account details. We'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number →


Now the FAQ's for the aforementioned offer state the follow:


Customers who sign up to a Galaxy S8 or 8+ on a 24 month $85 My Plan Plus / Flex or higher will also receive a Samsung TabA8 on a 24 month plan with 2GB of data for $0/month ($20 My Broadband Plus (Tablet Bundle) for $0 per month).


The offer came into effect on November 27, 2017 and is valid until February 4, 2018. 


As long you've met the above eligibility criteria, we shouldn't have an issue. 


Once you've sent us a PM, update us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


I really do apologise for the delay, I'm confident that we'll be able to sort this one out for you. Look forward to hearing back. 


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Re: Optus mobile & tablet offer


That is not the offer i applied for. Please. Offer was a combo with 14gb shared data across both tab and smartphone for limited time only for existing customers. And regardless i have a few diffrent plans all with optus so meeting the criteria is whack espically if they have already sent ne the phone which is worth more and have upgraded this perticular plan and are charging me for it to. Still no help 

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The help will hopefully come from PMing as requested and seeing what can be done. 


Optus may not have an official 'see it through' department but the mods on the forum do seem to be the next best thing.




Peter Gillespie

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